Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pastry & Confectionery Trays.

Cakes-Pastry and confectionery Containers.
Delicate, fragile and sometimes ornate, the nature of pastries & confectionery often require specialist handling in food production, storage and transportation. Containers of food quality polymer are a vital component.Smooth internal surfaces ensure safe and hygienic handling while virgin sealed material ensure that odours are not transmitted to contents.
The Lar factory specialises in the production of catering trays for the food industry. Continental Biscuit production is a typical example utilising the PLF216 smooth confectionery tray for production and storage . Food in Italy is a way of life dedicated to flavour, delivered with Passion and The lar S.p.a. factory in Modena specialise in the production of plastic containers for the food stuff industries.

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