Wednesday, 28 November 2012

1000USES - BOX

Clear strong industrial stacking containers.
Palletable eurosize. Sizes & Dimensions available.
600mm x 400mm x 215mm 45ltr.
600mm x 400mm x 319mm 60ltr.
400mm x 300mm x 110mm 15ltr.
 400mm x 300mm x 215mm 30ltr
Idealy suited to work with european and British pallets. The 1000USES QUALITY clear containers offer clear and strong storage solutions. Sturdy clip handles and integral grips provide comfortable handling. The 1000USES box allows clear and direct identification of stock and has been used in Laboratories, warehouses,stockrooms and even the CHECK-OUT stations at some of BRITAINS largest supermarket chains, whilst our colour options allows gentle integration of this quality industrial strength product asthetically into any domestic area.

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