Friday, 30 November 2012



Plastics recycling will continue to grow; it was confirmed during this year EuPR Annual Meeting, which took place on 21st and 22nd of November in Brussels. The event was devoted to the subject of: “Resource Efficiency for Plastics.” It has turned out to be a great success with more than 160 guests attending. During this event EuPR has unveiled its new corporate identity. This new image stands for positive changes in the European plastics recycling industry. The new name Plastics Recyclers Europe, as well as, the new website are to emphasize the transformations that the plastics recycling industry is currently undergoing – its development, improvement and growth to serve the plastics industry on its way to sustainability.

The panel of conferences, moderated by Alexandre Dangis, on “Resource Efficiency for Plastics” and the debate were concerned mainly with the issue of boosting plastics recycling as well as improvement of current waste management systems. EuPR has revealed, as well, its priorities and objectives for the future in an updated Strategy Paper. Plastic Recyclers Europe main objective is to increase recycling targets. Their aim is to introduce an eco-design for plastics products to make recycling more efficient and more accessible. Additionally, they are emphasizing the need to stop landfilling of waste which could be destined for reuse and recycling.

Ton Emans, EuPR president, said: ‘We should push plastics recycling for higher targets in order to improve Europe’s efficiency and in order to better manage our own resources. ’

2012 has been difficult and at the same time fruitful in achievements for the Plastics Recyclers Europe.  EuPR successfully launched the EuCertPlast accreditation and made prominent progress within the End of Waste Criteria; the tools will be now ready to help Member States in Europe to create jobs in Plastics Recycling.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

1000USES - BOX

Clear strong industrial stacking containers.
Palletable eurosize. Sizes & Dimensions available.
600mm x 400mm x 215mm 45ltr.
600mm x 400mm x 319mm 60ltr.
400mm x 300mm x 110mm 15ltr.
 400mm x 300mm x 215mm 30ltr
Idealy suited to work with european and British pallets. The 1000USES QUALITY clear containers offer clear and strong storage solutions. Sturdy clip handles and integral grips provide comfortable handling. The 1000USES box allows clear and direct identification of stock and has been used in Laboratories, warehouses,stockrooms and even the CHECK-OUT stations at some of BRITAINS largest supermarket chains, whilst our colour options allows gentle integration of this quality industrial strength product asthetically into any domestic area.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pastry & Confectionery Trays.

Cakes-Pastry and confectionery Containers.
Delicate, fragile and sometimes ornate, the nature of pastries & confectionery often require specialist handling in food production, storage and transportation. Containers of food quality polymer are a vital component.Smooth internal surfaces ensure safe and hygienic handling while virgin sealed material ensure that odours are not transmitted to contents.
The Lar factory specialises in the production of catering trays for the food industry. Continental Biscuit production is a typical example utilising the PLF216 smooth confectionery tray for production and storage . Food in Italy is a way of life dedicated to flavour, delivered with Passion and The lar S.p.a. factory in Modena specialise in the production of plastic containers for the food stuff industries.

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Need Any Pallet Boxes???

 Plastic has replaced wood in many situations and circumstances in our modern age. No better example of this trend can been witnessed first hand within the continental fruit business. Mediterranean countries rely and have invested significantly in improving efficiently in their logistics operations and produce handling by replacing all wooden Pallet Boxes with INJECTION MOLDED LARGE plastic boxes. This has significantly reduced packaging waste reducing environmental impact and has extended the operating lives of such equipment.
"Economically it makes sense"  - Snr Luciano Ortanlano quotes and continues. The life expectancy of any plastic pallet boxes is infinitely greater than wood. and has paid for itself within the first months of its life . When other factors are considered - Hygiene and produce protection ! ,  it is not surprising the agriculture industry has moved in this direction over recent years. Wooden boxes would often contaminate or abraise produce reducing value and profit potential. Wastage was a significant issue".
Commercially  Plastic BOXES are easier to maintain needing less service attention, but most noticeably after time, should servicing be required, the flexible nature and value of  plastic lends itself economically to  modest  maintenance. With this fact recognised advancements in plastic technologies over the last decade has seen clever developments in plastic welding and reshaping post production.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

MACFRUT 2012. A recession in europe? ...not here!

Macfrut 2012  opened its  doors to the worlds' growing communities with its latest annual  produce showcase in CESENA Italy last month. Despite european woe's and general feelings of  lethargism in certain european countries, nothing further could  have been seen at this years show. Populated by  one of its largest exhibitor pressence, companies  from over 30 european contries atteneded. Plastic box and packaging manufacturers and suppliers all joined to continue the event and enhance its reputation as europe's premier agricultral show.

clever storage solutions. lightweight folding boxes. IIdeal FRIDGE TIDIES- low cost

clever storage solutions. lightweight folding boxes.
Ideal FRIDGE TIDIES- low cost fold away when no longer need.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Welcome to the world of Plastic boxes.

Do you need boxes to get organised. Savvy boxes will save you money and get you organised faster.